Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two stars for Jitlada! Hooray for Jazz!

love those green peppercorns in the jungle curry! (photo LATimes)

In tomorrow's, L.A. Times, S. Irene takes one of her rare ethnic forays to Jitlada, awarding a well-deserved two stars. Who says she only reviews fancy pants places where dinner costs $150? I'm glad she also mentions the desserts -- it's so easy to fill up on the great main dishes, but Jitlada's Thai desserts are the best I've had outside the Lotus of Siam.
(In case anyone's keeping track, EatingLA first reviewed Jitlada's new Southern Thai menu in June 2007.)


Joshua Lurie said...

This review is long overdue since Jitlada has been relevant for over two years, and 2 stars is pretty conservative considering the restaurant's impact. Also, glad to see an ethnic restaurant get a full-scale review in the Times. That should happen more often considering a lot of L.A.'s best food fits that description.

mattatouille said...

seriously, it's good to see Jitlada get a full review in the Times. I guess Virbila is scratching back to relevance with the last few reviews of places where actual foodies go (besides maybe the Salute review..haha)

Kathy A. McDonald said...

Jazz promised to make us those special Thai crabs--guess she'll be too busy to make them now.
That quake was weird last night; didn't realize there was a fault line @ Effie and Silver Lake/near LA Mill. No wonder my apartment heaved during the Whittier quake.

SinoSoul said...

This article shows why the print medium will eventually become irrelevant. 2 stars? vs. Gjelina's 2.5 stars? TOTAL BS, especially because we are in LA, and she is the LA Times.