Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Girl Dinette opens Friday in Highland Park

"The American diner meets Vietnamese comfort food" is the tagline of the new Good Girl Dinette from the Blue Hen's original co-owner Diep Tran. I'm excited to have another choice for lunch and dinner in Highland Park, and I hope she plans to open for breakfast as well.
The menu will feature stews, sandwiches, hearty soups, rustic rice dishes and homemade pies -- a modern take on Vietnamese comfort food, using local, organic, sustainable and seasonal foods.
Hours will be:
Tues-Thurs (dinner only) 6-10pm,
Fri (dinner only) 6-11pm
Sat & Sun (lunch and dinner) 11am-11pm
Closed Mondays

Good Girl Dinette
110 North Avenue 56
Highland Park


Nero said...

Great! Can't wait to enjoy some chow.

Joshua Lurie said...

Blue Hen is pretty good, but the menu is so limited. Hopefully Good Girl Dinette offers more variety, and some more interesting dishes. Sounds like it might.

Moonbeam's Auntie said...

Went tonight for the "soft launch"...had fresh spring rolls (w tofu), rice cakes with tofu/scallions, curry chicken with rice and greens, Grandma's Pho, and strawberry pie. The only thing that was not good was the hard crust on the strawberry pie, but everything else was delicious....

Unknown said...

The address is actually 110 N. Ave. 56. Can't wait to try it!