Monday, May 27, 2013

Twist: The latest fresh entry to La Brea's fast-growing dining scene

Twist is at 344 S. La Brea (near 4th St.)
La Brea has always had a few good places to eat, but lately has gotten a jolt of new energy with the arrival of Sycamore Kitchen, Tinga and Bludso's BBQ. Twist is the latest, and it's in a similar style as Sycamore: a homebaked muffin top/cupcake fusion known as a Twist Top, cookies and tarts, high-ceilinged, airy lemon-accented interior, solid coffee (in Twist's case, from Handsome Coffee), a light breakfast menu and creative salads and sandwiches. In the case of Twist, there's also homemade jams for sale and liberal usage of the jams and homemade pickles in the various dishes. 
 Don't worry, plenty of kale and raw choices are on the menu, too. I was tempted by the healthy-sounding salmon bowl with lentil, quinoa, and pomegranate viniagrette, but I'm still having trouble adjusting to lunch dishes in casual cafes at $14, so my dining companion and I both had the organic pressed chicken sandwich with onion jam ($11.50).
housemade jams are available for sale

The jam made the sandwich nicely moist and the kale/cabbage slaw on the side made it feel almost virtual enough to try one of the baked goods for dessert, though in the end we were too full. Pullet brisket, Tunisian tuna and house roasted turkey are a few of the other sandwiches.
pressed organic chicken with kale coleslaw
There's a steady stream of folks looking to refuel after the hot yoga class two doors down, people working at laptops, kids picking out cookies. Twist is perhaps a bit more relaxed and less haute foodie than Sycamore, another fine spot for breakfast or lunch along La Brea, which is becoming more walkable and welcoming.
P.S. Can you believe Ca' Brea is still in business? I mean, who still goes there?
Twist Eatery
344 S. La Brea
(323) 938-9478


Food GPS said...

Twist sounds pretty pricey for a sandwich and salad spot, though maybe the neighborhood can support it. Also, good point about Ca'brea, and ouch. It's got to be tough for an Italian restaurant to stand out in L.A. at this point.

Bun Boy said...

Ha, hilarious about Ca'Brea! They should just turn into a fake restaurant for filming, like Johnnies on Fairfax.

Suresh Urs said...

The resto is nice and the dining is like outdoor seating. Fantastic post. Clickfoodsnearme