Saturday, March 21, 2009

Loving Angelenic's Twitter: Blogger harrassed at Mother Road

The Downtown L.A. blog Angelenic has switched mostly to Twitter for now, since I think he needs to focus on actual work. But Rich has some good 140-character stuff: Blogger Sinosoul (TonyC) tried Mother Road, which I wrote about the other day (although I haven't been there myself) and was hassled for taking pictures and told he should have identified himself as a blogger first.
This restaurant needs more than an updated website -- it needs an attitude makeover!
I have rarely been told I can't take pictures -- only by Joan's on Third years ago, and more recently I saw Alain Giraud ask another photographer not to take pictures at Anisette -- but I'd say that in this business climate, a restaurant has nothing to gain and possibly a lot to lose by worrying about people taking photos instead of making good food, customer service and marketing.


weezermonkey said...

I have yet to be asked to stop taking photos, but I have been asked the reasons for my shutterbug ways.

Once I explain, however, the service actually gets better!

cigarcow said...

Ooo, I'm gonna start taking pictures everywhere I eat in hopes that they kick me out. Free food!! Thanks, Eater website!

Anonymous said...

lol @ cigarcow.

except, ya know, due to my igdignation, I actually paid for my cream of broccoli. Mr. Manager attempted to return the money, but I packed my "camera bag" and bounced before he had the chance. I showed him! by paying! o yah!

who's down to invade this place w/ a buncha cameras? email me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Alain almost tackled me taking pics at Anisette the first week it opened. "Are you a blogger?" he asked. He watches that place like a hawk.

L.A. Story said...

That's really insane. You would think in this climate restaurants would be happy to get the attention.