Saturday, March 21, 2009

Food blogging panel at SXSW -- audio now available

I'm sure South by Southwest is totally awesome, what with the bands, barbecue, movies and interactive wonderfulness. Unfortunately no one has ever offered to pay me to go there, so I'll have to make do with this MP3 file of the panel Secrets of Successful Food Blogging that was posted by blogger Nose to Tail at Home. Serious Eats also put together a helpful collection of Twitters about the panel. However, I can't believe the organizer of the interactive section said "There seems to be a burgeoning food blog scene out there I wasn't particularly aware of." Jeez, EatingLA is almost five years old. Let us know if you listen to the panel and get any good tips.
One of the most important points they concluded with for people wanting to start blogs: You need to be either entertaining (like Dooce), timely (like HuffingtonPost) or useful (hopefully like EatingLA). Oh, and good pictures. Still working on that one, although I still hate the term food porn.

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