Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cool million for the Larchmont Grill?

The Larchmont Grill occupies a charming 1914 craftsman house on Melrose and Larchmont, but that location has had trouble holding on to restaurants.
Think your luck is better? Now it can be yours for just $1,095,000.
"Not a very inspiring menu, but a handy place for a business lunch or an early dinner with the young 'uns," said EatingLA when Larchmont Grill opened in 2006.
(The restaurant remains open for brunch, lunch and dinner while it's on the market.)


Laura Huntt Foti said...

It's probably worth it. Has a great neighborhood following, plus Paramount right up the street and almost always busy. Food is good too.

Anonymous said...

1.9 million, then you are paying the rent on the place as well as nnn? hahaha right, especially in this economy, theres no way a person could purchase this space and pay the 1.9 mill plus the other expenses and not even own the land, then in 7 years when the lease renews they will jack up the rent because larchmont has grown so much, bad investment. why not go spend 250,000-300,000 and build out a place of your own ad save a boatload of cash, or better yet find a space and try to buy the land so you own it, thats how you make good money in a restaurant. you dont have someone screwing you on rent.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone my name is Sean Bates and I am one of the owners of Larchmont Grill. I want to assure everyone that the listing above is inaccurate. Yes our building is for sale, but the restaurant is not. We have 7 years left on our lease and do not have any plans on going anywhere. Thank you for all of your support and we hope to see you soon! Sean