Thursday, March 26, 2009

Street date close for Street

Susan Feniger's soon-to-open Street on Highland opens Monday for lunch and dinner. There's plenty of news, as well as menus, over at EaterLA, as well as a veritable multimedia overload on the restaurant's own site. So I just thought I'd post the menu items that have me most excited.
To start (or for dessert?), I'd like the much-touted (by Feniger) Kaya Toast: toasted bread spread with coconut jam, with a softboiled egg and dark soy sauce. ($10)
Also, some Japanese shizo shrimp: marinated shrimp roled with shizo, nori and crispy dough ($12).
To share with the table, we'll take some Thai bites: baby collard leaves filled with tamarind palm caramel, toasted coconut, peanuts, dry shrimp, ginger and chiles ($12).
Definitely the Vietnamese corn with pork belly for a vegetable side dish ($6).
Bloggers and commentors are already going nutso about the price of the $16 beef pho, so instead I'll try the Malaysian black pepper clams ($12).
Main dishes are usually not as fun as all the sides, and I think I'll skip the New York strip steak and the chicken kebabs. But the Egpytian-style baked fish with roasted lemon, roasted pepper sauce, braised greens and Kushary ($26) sounds healthy and different.
The Globe Trot tasting menu ($35 per person, and $15 for beer pairing) also sounds like a good way to go, with so many unusual things to try.
Yes,, these aren't exactly the same prices as food you eat on the street, but the menu looks tons more interesting than most other places around L.A., so let's wait and see before we freak out, ok?
Now, I wonder what's for dessert?

(photo: kushary from the LATimes)


tamm said...

This is probably the only place in the continental US to have Kaya toast. I am SO there.

Anonymous said...

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Jeff Pulice said...

1st response: damn. $16 for pho? As Vincent Vega said (well, to paraphrase), I don't know if it's worth $16, but it better be a great bowl of pho.
2nd: I'll look at the menu, I'll probably go by and if it's comfortable, then that's great. What I'm looking for is a place like Pure Luck: good food, easy to snack on and share, great prices---without the random iPod stylings, the lighting that makes it impossible to even read the menu and such limited space. A place to hang out, meet with friends, have a drink.

wow. xxmy: they have meds for that, y'know...