Friday, January 02, 2009

What's on your must-try restaurant list this year?

Happy New Year from EatingLA, and may your year be full of delicious things, even if they're finding the best value becomes even more of a priority. At EatingLA, value is always a high priority, and there's only one high-end restaurant on the little list of places I keep in my purse to try. Here's a few entries that are currently on my list -- what's on yours?
Noodle House
Cook's Tortas
Westside and elsewhere:
Rustic Canyon
Chai Thung
Park's BBQ
Loteria Hollywood
Blue Palms Brewhouse
Laurel Tavern
Bua Siam


Unknown said...

We share some of the same list, although I've been to Babita and Rustic Canyon and recommend them both. My list adds Animal, Nickel Diner and Elf, plus I want to check out the new Larchmont Larder. And I'm waiting on Boho, because I go to the Arclight whenever possible and would love to have a moderately priced place in which to dissect the movie over good food and drink.

Biffles said...

Pat, Noodle House is gone....closed on or about November 16, according to Chowhound. Very sad. (I reviewed it for LAist last year.)

Luscious Dumplings is still open, and worth a visit, but a level below Noodle House....

weezermonkey said...

Here's my list for 2008. Most restaurants weren't newly opened in 2008, but I tried them for the first time in 2008.

Kathy A. McDonald said...

I would like to visit the revised Cole's downtown, Speranza (sp?) in Silver Lake which gets the raves and find a new go to Thai place to match Mae Ploy. And I'm hoping the new kabob place in Silver Lake will be decent.

Anonymous said...

Good choices. Rustic Canyon, Cook's Tortas and Park's are especially good.

I'd also be interested to try Blue Palms and Laurel Tavern, if you'd like to go together.

On the Westside, I'm interested to try Wilshire and AK. Looking ahead, I'm excited for reservoir and Intelligentsia Venice.

In Santa Barbara, I'm convinced Square One would be worth the drive, but haven't found the time to visit yet.

In San Francisco, Heaven's Dog from Charles Phan (Slanted Door) and Urbino from Nate Appleman (A16, SPQR) should both be worth the trip.

Pat Saperstein said...

Right, Cole's, I forgot about that.
We tried Cook's Tortas yesterday, it was excellent!

my little apartment said...

I'm trying Animal tonight and Wurstkoush on Wednesday...