Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ask EatingLA: Taco catering for a wedding?

When I appeared with the other editors of EAT: Los Angeles: The Food Lover's Guide to Los Angeles on KPCC's Airtalk Friday, a caller asked about hiring a taco truck to cater a wedding. What a great idea! However most people end up going with a taco table catering service, as it is more difficult to get the trucks to travel to events. Here's a few ideas:
We tried tacos from Pauline's at the Frogtown Art Walk and they were very good. Pauline's Food Service's numbers are 310-885-9663, 310-631-1647 or 213-840-3643.

Here's a Chowhound thread with lots of information about Lety's and a few others.

The Taco Zone truck is my favorite, and it has phone numbers for catering on the side, but I don't know of anyone who has hired them.

Does anyone know of a really good taco truck that will travel for parties?


Ellen Bloom said...

Pat! I heard you on "Airtalk." Great show....lots of good info.

YOU sounded great on the radio! Might there be a solo show for you in the future?

oddlyme said...

I don't know about a taco truck but one of the best - and funniest - sights I've seen was an entire wedding party at Tito's Taco's.

They were so beautifully dressed, I am sure that they were going on to a much more formal dinner. But I guess they couldn't resist a fast stop!

Anonymous said...

that's so cooL! I know that my famiLy's taco truck is catering its first wedding this spring. supposedly the parents weren't too keen on In-N-Out, but were okay with Korean tacos.

tacos + l'amour = good times

Anonymous said...

My sister got married last year and hired a taco truck for her wedding party in Burbank. It was horribly expensive considering the food - about $20 a head. They found the truck in Eagle Rock, along a street that has lots of taco trucks.

A few months ago, my family and three others threw a kids' birthday party in Griffith Park and we hired The Taco Man. There are many "taco mans" but we hired the original The Taco Man, out of Ontario. Six bucks a head and they cook all the food at your party and serve your guests, buffet-line style. It was a huge hit. The quality of the food? Good enuff. Six. Bucks. A. Head. and when you call/email, ask for Israel Miranda. (no, i don't work for them or anything - just had a good experience and want to share)

I have to say, if I attended a wedding and they had hired the In-N-Out truck, man, I'd be like "You win!" Maybe I'm attending the wrong weddings, but how many more hotel rubber chickens and overcooked steaks can I eat? And no I don't want to take home the centerpiece.

[BTW, Pat, your blog is fantabulous. You can be an honorary Asian person, your palate and sensibilities are just that good (I am Chinese-American.)]