Thursday, November 13, 2008

Auntie Em's delivery: What to do with a truckload of produce?

When I received a delivery of organic, local produce from Auntie Em's delivery service to try, I felt like this truck pictured on Boingboing had just pulled up to my house. I don't have that much time to cook, so at first I was a little worried I might not find a use for everything. But actually, the cooler bag looked like this, so it wasn't quite as big as the truck. Here's what I found to do with all my pretty fruits and veggies:
  • I roasted parsnips, mixed heirloom carrots and mixed heirloom potatoes with olive oil.
  • I had the sunshine squash roasted with brown sugar and butter served alongside a roast chicken.
  • I sliced the Fuyu persimmon into the spicy baby greens, added feta cheese and pomegranate seeds and dressed it with pomegranate viniagrette for a lovely fall salad.
  • I happily munched on pears, grapes and dates at work.
I boiled the pretty in pink baby jewel beets, and tossed them with viniagrette and some of the spicy carrots I pickled a while ago.
I still haven't used the sweet pea greens...any ideas?
A small box is $42 and a large box is $62, and it's all beautiful, flavorful stuff. If you don't know how to cook something, Auntie Em's will help with recipe suggestions via email. My box also came with one of the more amazing oatmeal cookies I've ever eaten -- you can augment your produce order with everything from red velvet cupcakes to mac 'n cheese to organic chicken pie.
  • Auntie Em's is also cooking up Thanksgiving dinner to go for $35 per person, with delivery available for an extra fee. On the menu: Herb roasted turkey breast or veggie savory nut pie, stuffing with granny smith apples and sae, sweet potato casserole with pecans and orange cranberry relish. A pumpkin pie $17.95, with apple, pecan and pecan chocolate chunk pie also available. And cupcakes, of course. So no excuses, eat your veggies. If I can do it, you can too.


Christa Faust said...

I recently started this produce delivery service myself after reading your previous post about it and I LOVE it. I ate some of last week's pea shoots raw in a salad and stir fried the rest with sesame oil, sea salt and cracked pepper for a simple but delish side dish.

April said...

We put our pea greens in Asian noodle soup with smoked pork and they were lovely