Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall menus from Josef Centeno, Laurent Quenioux and Lou on Vine

'Tis the season for chef dinners, even for chefs who don't currently have a home restaurant.
Here's a few featuring fall flavors like quince, root vegetables and kabocha squash:

Who: Josef Centeno
What: Wine pairing dinner
Where: Bar Celona, Pasadena
When: Tues. Nov. 18 How much: $100
What's on the menu: Fennel panna cotta, yellowtail sashimi, coddled egg with sherry cream, poblano soup with crispy pork belly, kabocha squash ravioli, slow braised beef ribs with quince aoili, tapioca brulee with pineapple-quince -- each course paired with a different wine, of course.
Call for 626-844-9009 for reservations.
Who: Laurent Quenioux
What: Cassoulet month
Where: Vermont, Los Feliz
When: All of November How much: $44 with no wine; $70 with wine pairings
What's on the menu: Poached egg in red wine sauce with wild mushrooms and garlic crouton or lardons salad; cassoulet with duck confit, sausages, pork and lamb; praline chocolate mousse cake or pumpkin spice creme brulee or plum almond cake.
And don't forget about Monday suppers at Lou on Vine. The menu only comes out a few days ahead, so last night's menu is listed below. Check the website or sign up for the mailing list to get notice of each week's menu.
Who: chef DJ Olsen
What: Monday suppers
Where: Lou on Vine
When: Mondays, duh. How much: $55 for three courses and five wine pairings.
What's on the menu: (This one's past, but here's an idea) Salad of chicories with Hook's 10 year cheddar (that stuff is good!), Lamb osso buco with white beans, roast root vegetables; caramel poached apple, caramelized honey ice cream.


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