Friday, October 31, 2008

Delicious brittle that's not political

My last post about Morning Glory Confections might have gotten buried in news of the Barack bake sale, so now that I've tasted all the flavors I'm coming back to the brittle. I think we're all pretty much over cupcakes and frozen yogurt, and creampuffs never really floated my boat, but boy, this brittle is good.
And if there's one thing I know about, it's brittle -- my family founded Pease's Candy in Illinois, which used to specialize in peanut brittle (pictured at right).
Morning Glory's Max Lesser, an Echo Park resident and new dad who was formerly a private chef, has come up with several flavors full of savory spices that take brittle to a whole new level. The only one not pictured above is the peanut/fleur de sel -- it's the closest to a traditional peanut brittle, and I gobbled it up so fast I didn't have time to photograph it.
Here's the flavor rundown:
Fleur de sel and peanut: This hint of salt was just what old-fashioned brittle needed to put it over the top, in a good way.
Chai tea and cashew: Nice hint of chai flavor, and cashews make a good brittle.
Coffee nib, cocoa bean, pecan: A little gritty but the deep flavor and slight caffeine kick really grows on you.
New Mexico chili and pumpkin seed: A spicy finish makes this one fun to eat.
Indian curry/pistachio: I like curry, but this one might have been a little heavy on the cumin or something -- good but not my favorite.
Morning Glory Brittle is available at:
Big Sugar Bakeshop - Studio City
Belwood Bakery - Brentwood
Lark Cake Shop - Silver Lake
Susina Bakery and Cafe - L.A.


Rob Moore said...

I love brittle and look forward to trying Morning Glory's. You probably know this already but See's Candy makes fantastic brittle (and they're also right here in L.A.}

Anonymous said...

I've had them and they are great.

CW said...

Fabulous stuff! I keep changing my favorite. Right now it's the Fleur de Sel with peanuts.

Gourmets On Wheels said...

This is by far the best brittle I have tasted. I am glad his stand is right next to mine at the Melrose Place farmers market.

Gourmets On Wheels.