Friday, October 31, 2008

Last minute Halloween ideas

Lamill Coffee is hosting a Mad-hatter tea party with an array of tea and nibbles, along with the other Silver Lake Blvd. merchants providing treats.

There's special Halloween cocktails and more scary treats at 8oz Burger Bar, 7661 Melrose, from 9:30 to 2, 21 and over only...perfect for post-West Hollywood scene drinking and eating.

And if by chance you find yourself in Hollywood, Ivan Kane's Cafe Was, 1521 N. Vine, 323-466-5400 has a prix-fixe menu for $49 featuring Bloody Mary gazpacho and Red Velvet Molten Cake with Valrhona chocolate, marshmallow and candied fresh corn, paired with absinthe. That ought to go down well after a handful of fun-sized Snickers!

Are you sure you want to eat that candy? Author Denise Hamilton ponders whether possibly-tainted candy is too scary even for Halloween.


Allison said...

i wonder how old denise hamilton's kids are. they've already read fast food nation yet are still trick or treating? that's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

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