Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Around the blogs: Kokomo in Silver Lake, 15 to re-open

Food GPS has the news that the long-abandoned Eatwell space will re-open as Kokomo, just as the Eatwell on Beverly did a few months ago. Kokomo has really managed to hang on in a tough market for restaurants -- back in the early '90s it was so cool that some people thought there was too much attitude to eat there. Here's hoping the Silver Lake location comes with no attitude and the salmon nicoise salad I used to love.

And TheEastsiderLA talks to the new owners of 15, who were planning to rename the space Allston Yacht Club, but have had to take over so quickly that for now they're leaving the name 15. They're aiming for "a cross between a wine bar and a small plate bistro," which sounds about right for these times, but I'm not sure about the Yacht Club part. How about Echo Park Paddle-Boat Club?

Finally, I'm going to let Mike at Franklin Ave. describe last night's tasting at Bar Celona in Pasadena, because I'm on deadline. But I'd have to disagree about the fried anchovies , I could eat of barrel of those puppies (Mike's photo at left). Chef Josef Centeno, who redid the "Spanish-inspired" tapas menu, says he'll check back in from time to time to make sure the restaurant is carrying out his advice. We also liked the ceviche in a fruity tomato sauce with basil.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice to have some one in the Eat Well building, they place is a dumping ground and a hazard for the neighborhood. I for one welcome them (although looking at their prices, I don’t think my family could afford to eat there)
I just hope they have found off street parking for there customers and workers: over ½ of the streets are now permit parking.

Dorit- Sunset Junction resident