Thursday, July 10, 2008

A love letter to the LA Times food section

La Cantina del Cielo, Long Beach (photo LA Times)
No, not my love letter, although I certainly enjoyed Leslie Brenner's recent skewering of Gladstone's -- she is so deliciously mean.

No, it's Adrienne Crew, who wrote Food Fright on LAObserved about possible changes afoot in the Food section. But it's true, the L.A. food community would certainly be a poorer place if the Food section were downsized. For my part, I'm also bummed about the shuttering of the print edition of The Guide, which was doing some really good restaurant coverage.
Today in the Guide:
David Lynch's favorite restaurants.

EatingLA's compatriot Kathy McDonald's story on Long Beach's La Cantina del Cielo Bar,

and Josh Lurie on five spots for Dumplings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage Pat. I agree on the food section; it should be revamped somewhat with more creative restaurant coverage. Will you be live blogging from Portland? Can you add Twitter?

sku said...

The food section has been largely immune thus far from the massacre that is going on at the LA Times. I suppose it had to reach them at some point.

What's been happening to the LA Times, in general, has been so sad.

Erinn said...

I too enjoyed the scathing review of Gladstones, which I feel has nothing going for it, except the piece of real estate it happens to sit on. I would love to see little revamping of the Food Section myself, I've always felt they weren't wide enough in their coverage of different areas of LA.

Hungry Chica said...

has anybody been to LA CANTINA? Sounds interesting but the pictures aren't too impressive..

carter said...

Glad to see the guide go away. Wasted time, print, pulp, etc. Trying to combine the best of the food section of the guide into one really solid Wednesday food section, though, would be great.
Trying to be the LA Weekly through the Guide is time and money not well spent!

Anonymous said...

sure gladstone's "deserved" a skewering for poor and overpriced food, but is there anyone who thought they had good food or offered good value? i'd have liked to see some ideas about how to get the most out of a visit, given that they are an attractive nuisance.

Anonymous said...

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