Saturday, July 12, 2008

Father's Office 2: Great bathrooms, but will I ever get my softshell crab?

beautiful bathrooms!

I popped in to Father's Office 2 on a Saturday afternoon for a quick bite and brew, but just like at Animal the week before that, there were no softshell crabs to be found. I wasn't in the mood for major burgerage so I tried a light raw albacore plate with olives and tiny yellow tomatoes. It was too early for the heady, hoppy beers I really like, so I went for a Great White from Lost Coast Brewery which went well with the fish. Love the bathrooms with the shiny red tiles, frosted glass doors and "sons" and "daughters" signage (get it, Fathers, sons, daughters?).
I sat right next to the cash register, where I felt kind of bad for the counterpeople.

They spend their days patiently explaining to one patron after another that no ketchup is available, no diet sodas are available, etc., and at least at one in the afternoon, they rarely get to actually explain the great selection of beers. I'd say at least 25% of people were ordering wine, 50% water or cane sugar-sweetened soda and only 25% or less actually seemed to care about the beer. I'm sure the percentages are different at night, but it's a little odd that the new Father's Office seems to be more about the burgers and sweet potato fries than the beer.


cybele said...

I hear that soft shelled crabs are going to be very hard to come by. Overfishing and pollution on the east coast are prompting very small catches. (Kind of like our west coast salmon problem.)

nate said...

They had softshell crabs last sunday, and while I WAS in the mood for major burgerage and didn't order them, I saw a few people enjoying them and they looked quite nice.

I've been to FOLA even more than I thought I's just so much more pleasant than the elbow-filled hell that is FOSM.

If you're in biking distance on an early summer afternoon it really can't be beat.

Jeff Massie said...

I've been to FOLA twice now, both times on Saturday, and I made a point of getting there no later than 11:30 (they open at noon).

The first time (which was about a week after they opened) I was about seventh in line; more recently, I was first in line. Both times, I had no problem with seating or service.

Overall, an infinitely more pleasant experience than any of the times I've braved FOSM.

Anonymous said...