Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Popchips, for those who crave vinegar

The folks at Popchips love food bloggers. Reviews of the healthyish chips can be found on dozens of blogs, and yesterday a carton of assorted flavors arrived in EatingLA's cubicle. I usually shy away from reviewing food items that are sent to me, because it seems so mean to say "these people sent me such and such, and it was disgusting."
Popchips, however, are actually pretty good. I try to stay away from snack foods, because it cuts down on the calorie count available for real food like Vito's Pizza, which we're having for dinner at work tonight.
But every so often I get visions of misty British pubs wafting through my head and start craving salt and vinegar potato chips. A little package of them runs around 250 or 300 calories, which hardly seems worth it just to get a bracing hit of that lovely vinegar taste. Popchips solves the problem with a nice-sized pack weighing in at 120 calories. Good vinegar flavor, all natural ingredients, with an elusive potato taste not unlike a healthy Pringle's. Much better than those strange soy crisps or other pretenders to the potato chip throne. Of course, they have lots of other flavors like garlic parmesan or salt and pepper, but I'm pretty much a straight-up vinegar person when it comes to chips.

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