Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jitlada in the news; good day at the Times

Jonathan Gold makes it back from Italy to try Jitlada, pronounces it "most exciting new Thai restaurant of the year." I'd have to agree.

Nice Calendar section today...a good look at artisan beer "At the Tippling Point," covers one of my favorite subjects pretty thoroughly. It is truly perplexing how L.A. can be so far behind points north and south in artisan beer brewing, but the scene is slowly improving.

And we like My Favorite Weekend this week, mostly because we liked Evan Handler so much on "Sex and the City." It's not that his choices are so revolutionary, but just the idea of running into him at Whole Foods or the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills makes us feel good.


sku said...

Hats off to you Pat for being one of the first to heap praise on the new Jitlada.

henrychan888 said...

thanks for the heads up. i'll have to go try Jitlada! I love spicy!!!