Friday, August 17, 2007

Open in time for Sunset Junction: Flore Vegan Cuisine

The Sunset Junction area is uber-busy this week, with everyone spiffing up in time for the Sunset Junction fair. Flore Vegan Cuisine opened Thursday and owner Miranda reports it was packed the very first day. They're open for breakfast and lunch right now; dinner may follow later. Dishes include blueberry buckwheat pancakes, tofu scrambles, seitan tacos, tempeh salad and avocado, grapefruit and fennel salad.
Flore Vegan Cuisine
3818 W. Sunset Blvd.
(323) 953-0611


Foodeater said...

Oh, thanks for the tip! I can't wait to try this place... I had no idea there was another new vegan restaurant in town. I heard the owner used to work at Madeline's Bistro (which tells me this new place is probably great).

Anonymous said...

Very proud of my DD !!!! She owned an eatery downtown before this venture. Watch for more to come from this overly energetic young lady !!

Jennifer said...

Food is Fantastic.
Restaurant needs some AC though -- stuffy even in December

Anonymous said...

I went to eat here twice, I like to gie new restaurants a second chance.
The first time I was excited about the food and enjoyed what I had for lunch. The Blueberry Bliss was good but for almost $10 for 2 pancakes, you are still gonna be hungry.
The second time I ate there, I tried the Tofu benediction and hated it, the sauce was everywhere and had a bitter after taste. I quickly switched it for a tofu breakfast burrito which is yummy.
The food is good but the staff act like you are bothering them and they are quite unfriendly. The whole vegetarian experience is kinda lost and you feel like they just want my money. A happy customer is one that returns, that is not me.