Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday news

Lowenbrou Keller, one of L.A.'s kitchiest treasures will close this month, according to EaterLA. It's not really surprising, since did anyone you know ever go there because they actually liked the food? But still, it's sad to see these old places fade away one by one. We hope Clifton's can hang on for a few more years...

"What's not to like?" says the L.A. Times' Susan LaTempa about the York in Highland Park...we haven't been back since the soft opening, but we tend to agree.

And if you can tear yourself away from Sunset Junction this weekend (the food's not too good there anyway, although it's a chance to try out the new Intelligentsia Coffee and get some Pazzo Gelato), the Fallen Fruit project and Machine Projects are holding their annual fallen fruit jam-making workshop Sunday at 12, at 1200 N. Alvarado in Echo Park.


brainylagirl said...

Hey, I like me some German food! Where else can you get it in this town, esp. since Black Forest closed down in Santa Monica a while back. But, yes, LK was mostly about the atmos.

Anonymous said...

I had my first (and unfortunately probably last) meal at Lowenbrau last weekend and the food was excellent and authentically European. I've also heard and read others giving props to the food there. True, it's got an amazing and kitschy atmosphere, but that is hardly the only draw.