Monday, September 11, 2006

A bounty of veggies from the Farmer's Cart

I know I really should eat more vegetables, and I should try to cook more. Really, I should. So when I saw an ad in the Los Feliz Ledger for the Farmer's Cart organic delivery service, I decided to try it out. The service delivers a big box of fruits and vegetables every week or every other week to Silver Lake, Downtown and surrounding areas. The service didn't really work out for me -- partially because I barely cooked at all and partly because of the "surprise" aspect of the service. The main problem was that the selection was just too carrots, apples, bananas, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. The quality seemed pretty good but since my normal selection includes things like broccoli rabe, avocados, strawberries and shitake mushrooms, I'd have to pick these things up at the store anyway, plus find a use for the radishes which I would never normally buy. This service would be convenient if you live in a loft Downtown and have a hard time getting to organic produce...and if you actually had time to cook it. But for me I guess it's back to a combo of boxed produce from Trader Joe's and occasional speedy forays to the Silver Lake and Atwater farmers markets. If you live in a different part of town or want to try a service which has a few more customizable options, there's also Organic Express and L.O.V.E. (Los Angeles Organic Vegetable Delivery).

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