Thursday, September 14, 2006

Action in the hood

The Atwater/Silver Lake area is buzzing about the impending opening of Canelé in the old Osteria Nonni space. It's supposed to open Friday the 15th, but it might be best to wait a few days before descending. I've heard that new owner Corina Weibel worked at places like Lucques and Campanile and plans a Cal/Mediterranean menu, so it all sounds promising, as long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for the privilege of eating down the block from the casket shop.
A canelé, of course, is the French carmelly/custardy pastry which has recently captivated Angelenos, and it's pronounced Can-a-lay.

Over in Highland Park, they're buzzing about Cinnamon, a new vegetarian Mexican restaurant on Figueroa opening Sept 23. "All the plates are meetless," proclaims the website, but the menu lists items like chorizo sopes and chicken tacos...I guess it must be soyrizo.

Further down the pike, Rick Cardone, who makes the tasty Cardone's mozzarella available at the Silver Lake farmer's market, will open an Italian deli at 3206 Sunset, a few doors down from Dusty's. Paninis, meats, Italian cheeses and salads will be on the menu, and Rick may add a few more types of cheese to his repertoire -- he's working on perfecting the tricky burrata style.

The mid-Wilshire area is mourning the (hopefully temporary) closure of Posh on Pico. Posh's website says it plans to relocate, but no news of where as yet. That stretch of Pico is hot, hot, hot, with another new place opening next door to Posh's old space and the excellent Maison du Pain bakery down the street.


cybele said...

Holy Moly! Cardone's is opening a deli within walking distance of me? I'm in serious trouble and he's gonna make a mint.

Miles said...

I ate at Canele on Saturday night and the joint was packed. Had absolutely fantastic heirloom salad and beef medallions for main course. The dessert could have been better. In any case, I'm definitely going back. I've posted a sparse review, if you care to read...