Saturday, June 03, 2006

Taste test: Pazzo Gelato

Last night we decided to only eat at places that had lots of P's and Z's, so after a dinner of (passable) sushi at Pazazz Sushi, we tried out the new Pazzo Gelato on Sunset. It was hopping on a warm Friday evening, and the mango gelato I had heard was good was already sold out. Sam was disappointed that there was no espresso either; he's pretty much a coffee-only ice cream eater. There's only a dozen or so flavors, but everything we tried was good. I had a small cup ($2.95) with half cantaloupe sorbet and half fig and almond gelato. The fig and almond was nicely creamy, but a bit sweet and not very figgy, while the cantaloupe was excellent, and believe me, I've eaten a lot of cantaloupe gelato in my time. Sophie was happy with her cup of chocolate malt, while Sam just had an ice-blended cappucino. Other flavors include flor di latte, banana fudge, cinnamon, a deeply colored blueberry sorbet and fresh peach sorbet. They also carry a few candies from Boule, including the wonderful caramels, and cupcakes and other baked goods from Heirloom Bakery in Pasadena.
I've only been waiting for interesting ice cream to come to Silver Lake for about 20 years, so Pazzo is a welcome addition, even if their selection of flavors isn't as large as Il Cono or some of the other gelaterias. As good as Pazzo is, the gelato in L.A. never tastes the same as it did in Italy. I guess it's good that there's still a few things worth travelling for.
Pazzo Gelato
3827 Sunset Blvd.
(323) 662-1410


Venus said...

Which Italian gelaterias are you fond of?? Any in Florence or Venice you nght recommend?

Anonymous said...

it's not friggin' baskin robbins...if there were any more flavors, they'd all be less consistent, and the line would start at edgecliffe behind all the tasters. and people, you're not picking wallpaper patterns. it's a $3 investment and a decision you will have to live with for at most ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

PAZZO is far better than any gelateria in L.A. and better than most in Italy. I have lived in Italy, and there is alot of mediocre gelato, and few that are equal to or better than Pazzo. The passionfruit sorbet, the European yogurt, the Amaretto flavours...these will be found nowhere else in L.A.! Canteloupe and fig, aren't adequate samples, and as flavors revolve a review would be best if conducted properly...

Anonymous said...