Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News dribbles

Eagle Rock continues to percolate, with the opening of the Oinkster nearing and now Larkin's set to open around August in a craftsman cottage on Colorado. According to the Eagle Rock residents newsletter, Larkin's is owned by Larkin Mackey & Joshua McBride, who plan a restaurant "in the vein of restaurants such as Off Vine andthe Raymond, but with a contemporary soul food twist." The entire opening process will be chronicled on an HGTV show this fall called "Opening Soon."

Steven Arroyo's empire continues to expand, with a wine bar coming to South Pasadena at Mission and Meridian and a planned French bistro in the Nabisco building Downtown. He's also recently started a catering division featuring Spanish and Mexican fare.

And Hatfield's, which Eating L.A. mentioned back in April, is now open for dinner on Beverly Blvd. One Chowhound poster tried it and thought it was excellent, but on the pricey side.


Steve said...

On Hatfield's, we've been twice now -- it is delicious, surprisingly so since it's only a week old. Affable, prompt service as well.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to hear that another restaurant is opeing in Eagle Rock--please keep us posted.