Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fiore hits the sweet spot for South Pasadena

Fiore Market Cafe in South Pasadena is furnished with rustic antiques
I moved to Pasadena too late to experience the magic of Bistro K, so Laurent Quenioux and his ant eggs had moved farther west by the time I got here. Finally there's some life in the tiny space next to the Fremont Center Theater, with the recently-opened Fiore Market Cafe.

Fiore is a labor of love from the husband/wife team Bill and Anne Disselhorst. Bill managed M Cafe for several years; Anne's done catering and now bakes cookies and cupcakes for the cafe. Though Fiore opened in the midst of nonstop downpours, it's got a great patio waiting for summer sun and a few tiny tables inside.

Sandwiches on the simple menu include a short rib sandwich on Bill's homemade bread, roast beef with horseradish creme fraiche, a nod to M Cafe with a tempeh BLT and roast chicken with walnut pesto and burrata. Salads include roast chicken and maple glazed bacon, and nice-looking prepared salads in a case such as fennel slaw and spicy udon noodles. A laughing group of knitting ladies highly recommended the onion soup and lemon bar.
Short rib sandwich sings with homemade bread, Asian slaw and pickles
 Coffee comes from Cafecito Organico, and tea and jam are locally sourced too. Much of the produce comes from the South Pasadena Farmer's Market, and Bill also plans to start a garden on the premises. Open at 11 am, it's such a sweet spot for lunch or coffee and a snack, and there's plans to open for early dinners when the patio gets warmer.

Fiore Market Cafe

1000 Fremont Ave.
South Pasadena

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Unknown said...

I ate there today. That short rib sandwich is delicious!

MORthanDESIGN said...

I had the pleasure of grabbing a late lunch at Fiore today...and it was everything I hoped for and more. The cheery lime green patio furniture greeted me as I entered and the charming interior made me instantly glad I had come. The quaint dining room was filled with beautiful natural light and a counter top and pastry case full of delicious looking sandwiches and sweets. Bill, the owner, suggested the french onion soup and the mortadella sandwich, both were wonderful. The soup was rich with flavor and filled to the brim with finely sliced onions which were not in the least bit overwhelming. My favorite part of the Fiore experience was the Cinnamon Bread roll, it was sweet and sticky and filled with large raisins creating the perfect end to a great afternoon meal. I will happily visiting again.

MORthanDESIGN said...
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xkrasp said...

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sheryl aronow said...

This looks like my kind of place. I have never heard of it, but now I'll give it a try. Plus I love going to Pasasdena!

David Ng said...

Looks like a nice little place. Love the fact that everything is local and fresh.