Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New in Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Echo Park: K2, Papa's Place and soon, Sunset Beer

It's not a mountain peak, just a mountain of hash browns: K2 as in Kokomo 2 has (finally!) opened on Sunset in the old EatWell space. For the old-old timers, back in the 80s this spot was home to Seafood Bay, a bargain-priced chowder and fish house. Here's a report from EaterLA, but for the record, I am way not into the SiLa moniker for Silver Lake. What's next, EcPa? LoFe? Expect Kokomo's giant salads, hearty breakfasts and satisfying sandwiches, some with a vaguely Cajun twist like the reliable blackened catfish sandwich.
Papa's Place is now open on Hillhurst with an intriguing mix of Turkish and German sandwiches, sausages and salads. Bratwurst and tabbouleh, anyone? Here's a preview from UrbanDaddy; not much news yet from people who have actually eaten there. It's always good to see another reasonably-priced option in the neighborhood.
Here's some more great news for Echo Parkians -- as if Cookbook weren't cool enough, now Sunset Beer will open early next year in the mini-mall opposite A Grocery Warehouse, reports the EastsiderLA. It's owned by the folks from Eagle Rock's popular Colorado Wine and aims to eventually have a tasting room and store with 1,000 bottles of craft beer. And if you want to argue about public drunkenness, head over to the comments section of the Eastsider blog.


Kathy A. McDonald said...

Where is A Grocery Warehouse?

Food GPS said...

I ate at Papa's Place last week and thought their Bavarian loaf, a house-made veal and pork sausage similar to Bologna, tasted pretty good. Here's a link:

carter said...

Oh, god, am I ever so glad you mentioned the SiLa nonsense. Kat used that headline, I nearly barfed, and felt it only applied to one restaurant that needs to be taken out of its misery sooner than later.
Yet she deleted my comment to that effect.
I can still live with Silver Lake, though!

Charles G Thompson said...

Love hearing about new places to try in my neighborhood. K2 sounds like a perfect go-to place. And agree with the no to SiLa moniker. Silver Lake works just fine, thanks!

3rdimension said...

And don't forget about Forage LA... some of the freshest food and tastiest, too:

Steve said...

And don't forget Forage LA - great concept in accepting local food from home "farmers" - delicious and of course very fresh food: