Monday, November 16, 2009

Bouchon Bistro Beverly Hills: Scenes from a delicious opening evening

The produce storage closet is ready for Wednesday's opening.

Did Beverly Hills need a lavish new brasserie complete with bar a huitres, a bread room and an entire pastry kitchen? Sure, why not? Overlooking the French-style gardens of the still-new Montage Hotel, Bouchon actually looks like it belongs on Canon Drive across from Spago and Mastros despite being shiny and new. Tonight's opening party (a follow-up to last week's chefs party) drew bloggers, writers, a motley assortment of celebs including Star Jones, Jay Leno, Larry King and Pierce Brosnan and lots of laquered and lifted BevHills ladies and gents. Guests got full run of the spacious, gleaming kitchen and pastry and bread areas as well as the large bar, dining room and balcony. Here's a few of the areas we checked out.

Mini BLTs with pork belly and pesto were extremely satisfying.

Sebastian Rouxel, originally from Nantes, is executive pastry chef for all of Thomas Keller's restaurants. He's been in Beverly Hills for a week prepping the opening of Bouchon. He says Americans are mad for macarons.

Prepping the cheese service. Red Hawk was rather pungent, but Fourme d'Ambert was luscious.

Hot hors d'oeuvres including mini croque monsieurs, BLTs, squash soup cups, lamb toasts and short ribs were served in the main kitchen.

The gift bag included a mix and silicone baking pans for the signature chocolate bouchons.

The full menu is now available on Bouchon's website. I'm glad I've got a reservation for my birthday next month!
Tomorrow, I'll announce the winner of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc cookbook.


Elise Thompson said...

We are mad for macarons! And chocolate corks mmmmmm

San Francisco Catering said...

Looks very delicious. I make similar things when I do catering in San Francisco

SC said...

What a fab night! I was hoping I would catch you, but I am a new reader so I wasn't sure who to look for.
I have to admit that my favourite part were the mini fruit tarts for dessert.

Jenn said...

Mini fruit tarts, caviar and everything from the kitchen were my favorite (along with the great champagne).

christian said...

Those mini-BLTs for the win!

Food GPS said...

That was an eye popping event, both on the plate and in the crowd. My favorite celebrity sightings were Thomas Keller (of course), rapper/actor/restaurateur Ludacris and comedian Aziz Ansari, who's become a regular at food related events around L.A.

matt said...

It was a fun night. A first for us, being invited to such an exlusive event was a real treat. The entertainment was great too.

The Red Hawk was extremely pungent, it took several pieces of bread and other cheese, plus a little wine just to get that flavor out of my mouth.

Were you able to try the Soliste Pinot? We kept going back for refills, they sell that for nearly $140 a bottle!

Colleen said...

Really sorry I missed it. And now I hear it's booked until January. Guess I'd better make my Groundhog Day reservations now.