Monday, October 05, 2009

Gourmet closes: Whither Jane and Michael Stern?

Though I don't have much time to cook recipes from magazines, it's still very sad to see Gourmet close. People seem more interesting in food writing than ever, yet no one wants to have to pay for it. It turns out basing one's existence on fancy stove ads might not be sustainable after all. Among the things I'll miss are Jane and Michael Stern, who although they're now divorced, continued to write their Roadfood column for Gourmet. They have their own site, Roadfood, and while I'm sure they'll find other outlets, it sure makes it harder for less experienced writers to find paying outlets.
At least Ruth Reichl will continue her public TV show Diary of a Foodie, a good antidote to the mindless Food Network. Saturday, on Twitter, she was happy, but almost defiantly pensive.


j said...

this is especially interesting in light of this:

you would think with the closing of food magazines, blogs like eaterla would feel secure enough to leave the little guys alone.

oddlyme said...

This breaks my heart. I've been reading Gourmet with my dad since I was a little girl. Even now we'll call to chat about a particular article or issue.

There's a lot I will miss, but you're right - Jane and Miichael Stern must find a new home, fast!

carter said...

Gourmet has been irrelevant for a number of years, and the format is obviously a victim of the times, as in LA Times - anything in print will be viewed as suspect, or downright irrelevant.
As to Ruthie, don't let the door hit you on the way out - most overrated critic ever.
As to being an editor, would never venture forth because she was the editor.

Anonymous said...

Jane and Michael are divorced?!? You're kidding? I'm totally devasted. First it was Jane and Michael, now it's Jon and Kate. What is this world coming to?

Miles said...

I think Ruth is a terrific writer and am glad that she will still have an active outlet.

Sandy T. said...

I haven't read Gourmet with any regularity since the early '90s. The elitism and pretentiousness just finally got to me - even then it seemed to bear no relation to the way the majority of Americans were eating and cooking. Actually I have no idea how it stayed in business for so long, and I really don't understand all this hand-wringing over its demise. It was a dinosaur whose time has long since passed.

We don't deserve Rachael Ray, but neither do we need Gourmet anymore. Time for a new paradigm.