Monday, September 21, 2009

Win a Barbrix cooking class!

Here's a great opportunity to win a place at the first-ever Barbrix cooking class with chef Don Dickman, featuring Autumn Pasta.
On Oct. 17, he'll do Italian Seafood, and Nov. 14 will be Thanksgiving-themed with Turkey 101.
The first Barbrix class is Saturday, Sept. 26 from 9-12, and here's what you'll learn to cook:
pappardelle with bolognese ragu
bucatini cacio e pepe
strawberries with mascarpone & mascarpone

Because this is such a cool prize, it's going to be a little tougher. Answer all of these questions correctly and you'll get a free class. You must email me directly to win, don't put the answers in the comments. In case of a tie, my cat will pick the winner.

Barbrix cooking class quiz:
1) What type of institution occupied Barbrix after it was a private house and before its current incarnation as a restaurant?
2) One of Dickman's tasty appetizers is blistered shisito peppers with Murray River pink salt. Where is the Murray River?
3) Barbrix menu analogy: tzatziki is to Greece as charmoula is to _________
4) What character did which Barbrix partner play on "Mad Men"?
5) True or false: One of Chef Dickman's earlier gigs was afloat, while another involved golf.
6) Which of these is not like the other: aleppo, panzanella, tarantella, sobrasada?

Have fun cooking with Don!