Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Allston Yacht Club in the Huffington Post and the Los Feliz Ledger

The owners of Echo Park's Allston Yacht Club have started writing a blog for Huffington Post called Adventures in the Restaurant Business.

Since the new Los Feliz Ledger comes out Thursday, here's what I had to say about the Yacht Club in September's Ledger:
Allston Yacht Club may have an inscrutable name, but its straightforward menu and full bar are a welcome step closer to the restaurant the neighborhood needs. The new identity is basically a well-priced wine/tapas bar with cocktails. It’s one of very few restaurants in the neighborhood with a full bar, and with plenty of nightly food and drink specials, it offers the kind of value people are looking for right now.
Snacks, plates and side dishes are meant for sharing, and everything is between $6 and $9. The simple menu sticks to tapas-like fare that’s well-prepared, even if it doesn’t revolve around any particular culinary theme.
Grilled asparagus sprinkled with cheese, roast Brussels sprouts with or without bacon and several salads including fennel, orange and greens are welcome green choices.
Richer dishes are also well-made, including a delicious BBQ duck confit for just $7. It’s possible to assemble a substantial meal out of proteins like pork belly, cedar-planked salmon and beef skewers. Or just get some drink-friendly snacks like the crispy calamari, fries with chimichurri or frico—crispy parmesan cheese crackers. Crispy tapenade crackers are another house invention that go well with cocktails.
Allston Yacht Club might be still searching for a concept, but the food’s just fine. And it answers the perennial question, “Where can some friends get together for drinks, that also has food, and isn’t too expensive?”
Have you tried Allston Yacht Club? What did you think?


H. C. said...

Ha, I really should check this out pronto. Been on the lookout for budget eats and they did donate a gift cert as a bloggerprom prize!

Thanks for the reminder.

Food, she thought. said...

Swung by when they first opened. Having been a big fan and fairly regular client at 15, the change disappointed my somewhat, but I don't think it was because of anthing AYC did wrong. Do plan to swing by there again sometime soon, have been following the blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts. It's cheap but it's really not there yet. The owner is totally cool and engaging but it's still not there yet. Here's why: the food. Brussel sprouts kind of dry, kind of bitter but ok. Octopus was dry and in the form of a cube which alarmed me and didn't leave for enough tenderness in the meat. Rubbery. Oh well. The best thing was the grilled cheese. That was nice but typical. The thing I'd like to say is keep it simple. Doesn't have to be fancy feasts every night. I like the idea of small plate but I think they should do it with plates that are a little more basic. The grilled cheese works. Why not do like sliders, fries, soups, more relaxed salads, mini pulled pork sandwiches or something...

Any way. Check it out. See what you think.

cornflower23 said...

I love this place as a pre-show restaurant if I'm headed to The Echo. The bar is creative and the seats are SO COMFORTABLE, something lacking at most places. I think the food is fine, and the last few times I was there, nothing cost more than $9, so the tab doesn't have to be high. It's tasty, easy, and affordable. Sometimes that's enough.

Sandra Harper said...

I wanted to like this more because the staff was really nice. But my risotto was so gluey I sent it back. Think it's better to drink than to eat here.

SinoSoul said...

I, as the recipient of the GC's from bloggerprom, enjoyed this place, even tho the food was completely hit-n-miss.

Will probably go back again for the brunch. Prices, despite what others say, is on the high side considering the small, nearly-unsharable, portions.