Monday, August 10, 2009

Bistro LQ in the Times, and what's new in Eagle Rock, Los Feliz and Downtown

S. Irene concludes rather lukewarmly about BistroLQ in her scene setter: "Bistro LQ may not be for everybody, but for those who are already fans of Monsieur Quenioux's cooking, this is now the place you'll find him."

Finally, another place for lunch in Eagle Rock when Auntie Em's is packed and hot and you've already eaten enough times at the Oinkster and Spitz: Cacao Mexicatessen opens on Colorado. Reactions from Eat:LA and Squid Ink.

EaterLA takes a first look at the Vermont offshoot Rockwell, VT. Here's more on the menu from FoodGPS.

The LATimes Daily Dish says Clifton's Cafeteria has no plans to close, even though the building is for sale.

And not totally food-related, but EastsiderLA says, "Don't pack your picnic baskets yet" for Silver Lake meadow, because there's still no opening date.

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