Monday, June 15, 2009

Trekking LA 2009 reception features street food at Mercado La Paloma

I didn't get to go to any L.A. Commons events last summer, but they had a great selection of food and culture activities including a barbecue tour and Thai Town tour, introducing Angelenos to various cultures of the city. L.A. Commons is kicking off this year's Trekking LA 200: Global Feasts, Local Streets series with a party at Mercado La Paloma, Downtown home of Mo-Chica, Chichen Itza and more.
Good Magazine
co-sponsors the event on Thursday, June 25 from 6-10 p.m. Tickets for the evening, which includes food, music, art and more, are $20 and available at the Good website.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pat,
There is nothing on the link to LA Commons web site about this event or any future events.
Burger Boy

Food GPS said...

Good find. Sounds like a must-try event. Mercado La Paloma was already great, and with the recent addition of Mo-Chica, seems like it got even better. The pastor taco at Taqueria Vista Hermosa is a contendor for best taco in L.A., especially when paired with their smoky burnt orange salsa. The sweet chilacayote agua fresca is also stellar. Here's a link to a fairly recent experience:–-los-angeles-ca-–-monday-august-25-2008/