Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shake it up baby: Vintage instant cocktails

This shaker full of Party Tyme! "instant cocktail mixes" was a great garage sale find to add to my vintage cocktail shakers and accessories collection. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to mix mai tais and daiquiris out of artificially-flavored powders? Someone in the early 1960s, that's who. Plus, on the back of the shaker, it says it's endorsed by Arthur Godfrey, so it must be good, right? Was 1950s TV host Godfrey at all associated with cocktails?


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Excellent find!
Godfrey was a pitchman for tons of products over the years. He COULD have promoted the cocktail mixers!

mo figuls said...

godfrey was apparently a raging alcoholic, so that container i sold you may have a slightly sad side.

glad you will enjoy it..


bbeyes said...

SO glad it went to a good home!