Monday, June 01, 2009

Golden State's fish n' chips (or) slaw makes the ideal meal

The ideal meal, for me, anyway. I love me some fried seafood and some good beer. And while fries can be awfully good, a big pile of coleslaw usually makes me feel slightly less bad about consuming all that fried breading. But it's not that easy to get this combo right. The fish needs to be perfectly fried, with a crust that makes a distinct crackle when you bite into it. The coleslaw needs to be lightly dressed, not too creamy, not too sweet, with a tangy vinegar note to offset the fried fish. It shouldn't be too expensive -- Ye Olde King's Head's fish 'n chips is quite good, but it's up to $14 for the small size. Golden State delivers on all my requirements for the perfect $10 fried fish meal, upping the ante even more with jalapenos in the coleslaw and unusual beers like Telegraph's Reserve Wheat Ale. This sour beer was nothing like a wimpy Hefweizen; instead it blends lemon verbena with wild yeas,t making a beer seemingly tailored for fish 'n chips. It's like the jalapeno coleslaw of beers -- refreshing, yet flavorful and hearty. Damn. I could eat this exact meal at least once a week, but I probably shouldn't.


HerbyN said...

wow that looks good... the slaw especially. wondering if that's an appetizer or entree size? i think 2 pices of fish is normally pretty standard. been hearing a lot of good things about this place, their sourcing philosophy, etc. looking forward to giviing the place a try.

Sandra Harper said...

Slaw was quite tangy. Not soggy with mayo like so many coleslaws. Husband loved the Craftsman beer. Best of all, they carry Scoops Brown Bread ice cream.

dorkismo said...

They make their own ketchup and it is ASTONISHINGly good. I know I should have the salad with the fish, but I just can't. It's my favorite fish 'n' chips in town and I have tried dozens of places.

Golden State serves a very generous-sized meal (provided you're not looking to feel sick and stuffed at the end. I'm all over the idea of human-sized portions rather than the trough-sized ones.)