Monday, June 08, 2009

Eating L.A. visits Heidar Baba, while the NY Times goes Persian too

Last Friday, we celebrated my son's 18th birthday at Pasadena's Heidar Baba. He chose the Persian restaurant because he had served their kebabs during his report on Iran at Pasadena City College across the street. Portions are Heidar Baba are huge, and the grilled meats are quite good. I can't run photos of fesenjon chicken, because it looks like brown mud, but although the pomegranate and nut flavors weren't quite bright enough the first day, the leftovers were excellent. Service was on the poky side, but Heidar Baba is still a solid choice for takeout or a pre-Bulgarini Gelato meal.
The New York Times also visited L.A.'s Persian enclave this weekend, and in addition to the usual Westwood stops, the writer of Persian Cooking Finds a Home in Los Angeles visits the lesser-known It's All Good House of Kebab in Reseda.


tannaz said...

I loved that NY Times article -- I'm raised on Persian food, but the only place I've ever heard of that biryani dish is It's All Good. If you ever want to trek to the valley for it, let me know =)

(oh, and thanks for the bake sale post!)

Vanessa said...

Hi! lovely article....I like Persian food....Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I saw a Persian restaurant opened in Pasadena. This is the worst restaurant Persian food I have ever had. Generic, bland and tasteless. The service was slow, there was bits of food on the floors, the booths and tables were given regulation wipes and left greasy. There was no bus person so the poor waitresses had to clean and take orders. I married a Persian and learned to cook the food and very well I might add. We went to fab restaurants in West L.A. so I think I know what is good and what isn't. I think the food is aimed at a bland American palette. I will never go back or recommend this place to anyone.