Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mother Road:Hank's Downtown gains next-door restaurant

Has anyone tried Mother Road next to Hank's dive bar in the Stillwell Hotel? The website is still a work in progress, but rumors of great burgers are already floating around the blogs. The idea of a Route 66-themed restaurant seems kind of fun...
Update: They sent me some more info and a menu: it's open 11-11 daily, with a burger and wine happy hour from 4-7.
The menu hits most of the All-American/Californian classic: mac 'n cheese, fish tacos, spaghetti, cuban sandwiches, shortribs and desserts from Susina. Here's the burger selection:

Burgers from Mother Road

new haven 7.99
classic 8oz ground chuck, choice of cheese,
lettuce, tomato & onions on sourdough

americana 7.99
americana spiced 8oz ground chuck, pepper jack,
lettuce, tomato & onions on a potato bun

sonoma 8.99
8oz ground chuck, applewood bacon, cheddar,
lettuce, tomato & onions on a potato bun

royale 17.00
12oz ground chuck, short rib, truffle cheese,
lettuce, tomato & onions on a sesame brioche bun


Anonymous said...

o yay-yers! yet another DTLA burger joint. let's see if this one's gonna be as bad as D-Town Burger Bar. (Probably so)

Anonymous said...

I am so skeeved out by the Hotel Stillwell that I don't really want to eat at a restaurant in there. Yuck. And they need to get rid of the stupid giant photo of the tatooed girl in the window. Bleck. Can we please get some decent middle of the road restaurants downtown?

Anonymous said...

oh my god, their website needs an editor STAT! Misspellings and even some made up words!

Anonymous said...

Their website is terrible!! I think before you open you should have the basics set up! Check out the review on yelp! I don't think I'm going to even bother.... sad.

Anonymous said...

Burgers? Feh! They'd better not mess up Gil's!