Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Barbarella's grand opening, with corsets this time

Wow, each corset has a different design!

A Silver Lake friend and commenter complained that the last time I wrote about Barbarella, I showed the beer keg delivery system instead of the corseted barmaids. So, I understand that was a bit of a tease. So Rich, meet Chanel, our very patient server pictured at left who braved the throngs of the opening party (there's nothing like free 10 oz. martinis to get everyone in Silver Lake to show up) to bring drinks and food to our table. Despite the crowds, my popcorn shrimp were hot and crispy and the Racer 5 IPA was a perfect match for the fried food. The heating issues have clearly been fixed as it was toasty inside this time. Barbarella is a good deal more Hollywood than boho, but the neighborhood did seem to need more places with a full bar, good beer and solid food. With the dj spinning tunes from a balcony above, the scene was pretty loud and chaotic, so unless you're into the full-on lounge/club scene, I'd advise hitting the well-priced happy hour when it's likely quieter.
Barbarella Bar
2609 Hyperion Ave.
Silver Lake


Anonymous said...

man.. that was a BLAST... endless Chimay/Maredsous/St. Bernardus on tap.

Cept the 2 bites of grub we had bordered on disgusting (chicken rolls from Costco? some remote semblance of Jalapeno poppers? my god.)

Anonymous said...

went last night not realizing it was an 'opening' really the worst. Food tasted like it was from frozen section from Costco. drinks were fine, but the music was truly awful, I was hoping for a new eastside Silverlkae hang out, but no one there seemed very 'local'
also the Valet broke the car latch on my door and stole all my change out of the console (discovered this morning)

Pat Saperstein said...

OK, I guess it's unanimous about the Costco-flavored rolls, but my freshly-cooked shrimp were much better. Agree, the music is not too interesting -- MGMT, again?
Sorry to hear about the valet -- I parked down the street because I hate valet, even free ones.

Kathy A. McDonald said...

I too had a bag of quarters stolen from a restaurant valet recently, tho since I parked two different places on the same night, can't really accuse either place. It's a troubling sign of the times however. Lock up your spare change!

my little apartment said...

uh, anyone else think that waitresses in corsets are horribly tacky?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's what I call responsible/responsive blogger journalism!

"Tacky"? In Silverlake, this doesn't come CLOSE to the threshold for "tacky"~

Silverlake Bodhisattva

L.A. Story said...

Sounds fun! I almost want to wear a corset. :)

Anonymous said...

The reason each corset is different is because each server/bartender purchases their own outfit. I got hired at Barbarella, but as soon as I heard that we would be required to wear slutty outfits from Fredericks of Hollywood, AND shell out our own money for the whole getup, I was out of there. This place is so NOT what the neighborhood wants.

Anonymous said...

yeah i was going to say, i'm sure the reason the corsets are different is because the boss makes the staff supply their own. not just tacky but cheap. really don't see a reason to go there.