Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Around the blogs: Sen Noodle House in Los Feliz, Golden State again, Reservoir opening

Golden State opens March 12 on Fairfax, says Blackburn and Sweetzer. We're looking forward to having a grilled cheese sandwich and some great beer.

Metblogs looks at the "restaurant clusterfuck" on Silver Lake Blvd., but without really adding anything new. They could have found more info on Bleu Sage on EatingLA. Reservoir opens at the end of the month, they're saying now.

Here's what Los Feliz needs much more than Pinkberry: Sen Noodle House will open on Hollywood Blvd. in around five months, says FoodGPS. The busy owners of Rambutan Thai are also planning Soi 56, opening in March on Cahuenga.

Let's hear it for the opening of all these reasonably-priced new places, from Cafe Bravo to Umami Burger to Sen Noodle and Golden State -- because $30 entrees are getting harder and harder to sustain, as the L.A. Times pointed out today in Recession takes big bite out of L.A. restaurants.

And last but definitely not least, the Daily Gluttony blog has relaunched as Rants and Craves, with some luscious cupcake photography and lots more.

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Anonymous said...

Golden State actually opens this Thursday, the 5th.