Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Around the blogs: Gourmet ice, Sang Yoon's noodle bar

Here's more fact, an entire Q&A with gourmet iceman Michel Dozois who I met at Barkeeper the other night. There's no photo of Michel, but let's just say that if some blog was having a hot mixologist contest...
The Iceman Cometh in L.A. Times' Daily Dish.
Ok, I admit I've never checked out the Food & Wine blog, but the Daily Dish apparently does, and found an interview with Father's Office's Sang Yoon, who says he's opening an Asian noodle bar near Father's Office II. Stay tuned...
An L.A. Noodle Bar scoop from
Siena Restaurant closes in Pasadena, reports FoodGPS. I never even got there, but I heard it was a good alternative to the corporate old-town Pasadena spots. Pasadena seems to have a particularly brutal restaurant climate right now, it seems.

New York's gourmet banh mi from

And on the other coast, those sophisticated Gothamites now have a chef-driven banh mi shop. Sounds a little foofy, and yet I suspect I would not complain were one to open at say, Wilshire and Fairfax.
Baoguette from


Anonymous said...


It's hard to imagine Baoguette being any better than what we have in Southern California. Possibly the best of the bunch, Tip Top Sandwiches, is apparently opening on Valley in Rosemead, which should change the SGV banh mi landscape.

Clare said...

So bummed about Siena. I really liked that place.