Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Around the blogs: Golden State, Yxta

FoodGPS tells about the opening of beer-ific Golden State in the old Nova Express space on Fairfax. Expect burgers, sausages, coffee and plenty of beers...opening around Feb. 15.

Angelenic describes Downtown's Yxta from the El Arco Iris people, also opening in mid-February. Yes, they'll have margaritas, and probably a little less expensive than the other nuevo Mexicans Downtown.

EaterLA has the menu from John Sedlar's Rivera -- yum, chicharrones with romesco, $3 -- and a tequila sommelier. Grand opening is this Thursday.

And for you Indonesian food-craving Westsiders, Gourmet Pigs says Simpang Asia will now stay open until midnight...with a late night discount!

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