Friday, December 26, 2008

Silver Lake Farms compost bust: city has nothing better to do?

EatingLA's longtime friend Tara Kolla, who runs Silver Lake Farms, has been cited by the city for composting kitchen scraps from Canele, according to the L.A. Times story. Apparently her bins are not the right kind for composting non-home generated compost. After seeing the hoops restaurant owners have to jump through to open a job-generating, tax-generating business, and now this, I sometimes wonder if the city has any interest at all in sustaining a healthy, green community of entrepreneurs. Tara grows flowers and herbs for heaven's sake, it's not like she's raising beef cattle behind the Coffee Table. Do you think the city and county need to spend this much effort harrassing taco trucks and small-scale growers, or are there perhaps more important things for on which to focus their efforts?


Anonymous said...

gees.. that sucks. i think the city is really only concerned with knowing what their citizens are up to insofar as it may effect the city monetarily- just like any business, they are mostly concerned about the bottom dollar, and control. anything else is secondary.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they freaked out a little though in this case. I hope whoever runs this city agency takes a chill pill. For serious.

Kolchak said...

Los Angeles Residents keep re electing these government officials. When will people learn that Government is not the answer?