Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silver Lake Wine adds jumbo tasting events

Don't worry, he was loved before we ate him.

Not to be outdone by Bizarre Foods, I too have eaten not just ham with the black foot still attached (at Bar Pinxto), but baby suckling pig as well in the last week. Silver Lake Wine, which offers light meals from various restaurants and caterers at its Sunday afternoon tastings, has decided to do bigger meals once in a while for up to 90 people. We checked out the tasting catered by Matthew Poley's Heirloom LA Catering last Sunday, and it was a terrific deal for five wines and five courses. Starting with steak tartare and tuna tartare toasts paired with Domaine Allimant Brut sparkling white Pinot Noir, we moved on to a garlicky panzanella salad with heirloom tomatoes, rich squash lasagna with brown butter sauce and small but tender pieces of the precious little piglet accompanied with fresh cranberry beans. We were lucky to taste three desserts: polenta cake with carmelized peaches, mascarpone with fresh berries and triple chocolate cookies. My favorite wine was the dessert pairing of Sori' Gramella Moscato d'Asti 2007, just $12 a bottle, which was lightly fizzy with just enough sweetness to not overpower the rich food. Sign up for Silver Lake Wine's mailing list and don't miss the next jumbo tasting event, if it's going to be anything like this one.


Anonymous said...


Nice shot of the succulent suckling pig. Considering how ravenous people were at Silverlake Wine, it's clear the piglet didn't die in vain. Overall, the ratio of low price to high quality was beyond belief.

H. C. said...

And a sweet deal for $20/person -- I am so bummed out I couldn't make this event. But def. on their mailing list and can't wait for the next one to roll around

Anonymous said...

o man.. of ALL the weekends to be out of town..

moscato d'asti's are just so great for LA since we're perpetually warm

Anonymous said...

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