Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bizarre Foods features L.A. bloggers

Scorpions on toast at Typhoon on Bizarre Foods

People seem to have an inexhaustible fascination with creepy, crawly, yucky foods that gross everyone out. Tonight at 8:00 on the Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern comes to L.A. and features Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining and the Teenage Glutster. The rooster testicles and cockscomb at Chinois certainly sound adventurous, although I didn't realize deep-fried piglet at Ford's Filling Station was considered bizarre!


mattatouille said...

i wrote this on glutster's site, but i was very disappointed that the Scoops segment of the episode was edited out. I was at the shoot that day and Tai went above an beyond to accommodate the crew. Instead they featured some stupid wheatgrass and raw food segments. at least they got it right with the glutster and deep end dining segments.

Doran said...

Overall I thought it was a good show, though they left out so much (eg. Chinatown). The only thing that surprised me was the upscale bug dishes at Typhoon. Personally, lengua is so not-bizarre to me that is always surprises me when it's on his program. And wheat grass is bizarre? Huh? But most definitely, leaving Scoops on the cutting room floor is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

The episode was disappointing. It was always hard to evaluate "Bizarre Foods," since I had never been intimately familiar with any of the cities, but now that Zimmern visited L.A., it's clear that either he (or his producers) are off the mark. Oki Dog?! Really?! Raw food isn't unique to L.A. and the idea of "rawsagna" is completely unappetizing. Typhoon is a second-rate Asian restaurant that wouldn't be worth discussing without their insect dishes. Most of the dishes Zimmern ate at Ford's Filling Station and Chinois on Main looked good, but aren't normally available, so there's not much practical value to viewers. I kept waiting for Scoops to appear, and it never did. That was the biggest exclusion, since they filmed there and Tai is working to introduce new flavors to devotees on a daily basis.