Monday, October 13, 2008

If I get fat, it's Barack's fault

Yesterday's Silver Lake Bake for Barack sale netted at least $5000, according to the organizers. We got there late but snagged some wonderful brownies and totally over-the-top fudge from Ellelle.
On Friday, there's another fundraiser including baked goods and a chance to create original Obama t-shirts at Fresh Pressed in Los Feliz. As usual, if your political views differ, skip to the next post. But if you eat a brownie, you must commit to vote.


Ian said...

Do you have any other information about the event at Fresh Pressed on Friday? I can't seem to find any mention of it on their site. Thanks!

Kolchak said...

Ayers failed to show, so there was there wasn't any fireworks so no real news.

Kolchak said...

With Obama's economic plan, we will all be eating out less and cutting coupons more. Higher taxes = less discretionary spending.

Kolchak said...

I still have a problem with these "progressive" do gooders, who prance around the city in their Priuses and stuff their faces like medieval gluttons.

Should they not be saving that money they spend on fancy meals and overpriced coffee drinks to support the Amazon rain forest, to save the children of Darfur and the West Bank, to stop global warming, etc?

Really, it appears to be complete hypocrisy to spend so much money on oneself if you really care for the world. Are you really egotistical Republicans in tie dies and birkenstocks?

Anonymous said...

Here's a link w/ more event information:

Thanks for your support and interest!

Kolchak said...

I am glad you got fat because you'll need the extra calories as we head into a depression with Barack.

Kolchak said...

Visit my Barack Hussein Obama's page.

Anonymous said...