Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ferran Adria hits New York and L.A.; NY Times mag food issue is full of goodness

The New York Times Magazine's food issue has all kinds of great stuff to spend your Sunday morning with (take that, L.A. Times!). But don't miss the Styles section either, where writer Allen Salkin recounts how he spent Yom Kippur: having Ferran Adria cook a multi-course shellfish meal in his modest kitchen. That tops even ham-sampling in the bad Jew sweepstakes! Frustrated by inflexible Chinatown merchants and lack of kitchen slaves, Adria declares he will never, never accept such a challenge again, but not before Salkin and friends get to sit down for a nice, non-molecular meal cooked by the master chef.
Adria in L.A. Tuesday
Adria will be sign copies of his new book A Day at elBulli on Tuesday at the Cook's Library on Third St., but you must reserve ahead at 323-655-3141.

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