Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RIP Elmer Dills, Hugo's Tacos open and a salami-tiled floor

Organic tortillas in the hood!
Hugo's Tacos opened in Atwater today. The gourmet taco stand will be open 11-11 every day, with seven different taco fillings, including of course, soy chorizo and a vegan rice pudding.

Elmer Dills dead at 82
I'm going to let the Chowhounds eulogize Elmer Dills, local restaurant commentor who died Monday. I never really listened to him (AM radio? What's that?) but apparently he was the Jonathan Gold of an earlier, simpler time.

A tasty design idea?
I couldn't resist linking to this floor tiled in various types of salami on BoingBoing. Of course, it's not in an actual house, it's an art piece by Belgian Wim Delvoye. Can you imagine how much a dog would like this floor?


Arnold said...

Sad to hear about Elmer Dills. I remember watching him on Channel 7 as a kid and thinking about what a great job he had. Your description of him as "the Jonathan Gold of an earlier, simpler time" is apt.

tannaz said...

slightly less ambitious, but how about a bacon quilt?