Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reservoir getting ready; Michelangelo opens this week

Reservoir's owner/chef Gloria Felix tells us that the Silver Lake Blvd. restaurant is on track for opening end of September/early October. The beer and wine license is in place and she'll start out doing dinner only, 7 nights a week, hopefully adding weekend brunch once it's up and running. Cuisine will be fresh, seasonal and California-inspired.

In other Silver Lake news, Michelangelo should open later this week on Rowena -- looks like some competition for Nicky D's next door!

And LAist reports on the opening of Naturewell, a new smoothie shop near Cafe Flore on Sunset.


xie said...

i really am quite upset at how the lovely plants and building that was Nettys have been destroyed in favour of Reservoir's pseudo-Craftsman style stucco job. Netty's had a charm that is quite rapidly being replaced by "dungalow" buildings like this.

as a side note, i hope that someone scored bigtime and took those large, old succulents that were previously out front.

solson said...

Any word on when LOCAL is set to open. It's taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r....hurry up and open LOCAL!

Esther said...

Jay-sus!!!!!! that took forever, and I kept asking and asking what was going on with that spot. I'm really bummed about the plants being gone, too, I hope Netty took them.

So. Any previes of Gloria's menu?