Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing-style yogurt at Alhambra's Blue Cherry

Chowhound's resident Chinese expert Jerome posted recently about Blue Cherry in Alhambra, which has the usual frozen yogurt but also makes Beijing-style yogurt in-house. The yogurt shop makes a refreshing stop after a savory, salty meal at King Hua or Pho 79. Frozen yogurt in plain, mango and blueberry is all-natural and quite nice and creamy, with the usual fruit toppings available. But even better, you can take home some Beijing-style yogurt for breakfast the next day, or try some on the spot in the little ceramic crocks that are apparently just like the ones in Beijing. The small size yogurt pictured above is $2.00 for about 8 oz. and it's really tasty yogurt -- tangier than Greek yogurt but rich and creamy at the same time, with some sugar already added. So even if you missed out on going to Beijing for the Olympics, you can get a little taste of the city at Blue Cherry.
Blue Cherry
137 W. Main St.


Donald said...

If you have never had the Beijing style yogurt, you are missing a real treat. When I was in Beijing I had it every morning at breakfast. I am so happy that I have found the same thing here in Los Angeles. Their yogurt taste just like the yogurt in Beijing. You have to try this.


Anonymous said...

It is incredibly expensive. They try to hook you into buying a $50 discount card, claimed we could get yogurt delivered to the house or pick it up at other locations in LA and OC. We learned that wasn't necessarily true.