Tuesday, August 19, 2008

L.A. Chinese mystery continues; more Silver Lake news

L.A. Chinese across from Rambutan on Sunset is surely one of L.A.'s scariest restaurants, from the peeling sign to the prison cafeteria interior to the seeming indifference to actual customers. I may have eaten there 20 or so years ago, but more recent reports say the food never really changed. Apparently it's been closed up for a few months, and there's plastic sheeting covering the windows, so I took a look around to see what was going on. The lady at Tiffany's pet shop next door snapped "No changes. No changes!" when I asked what was going on. However, she did pass along the helpful info that grey cats tend to have a good temperament. Anyone know what's going on there?

Gobi coming to Sunset
In the same area, Gobi Mongolian BBQ is finally making progress next to Andiamo. Interestingly, the space used to be home of one of L.A.'s few Afghan restaurants, Magnolia, so it's just moving a few countries east. Should open around October, according to a worker.
Reservoir looking good
Esther asks, "What's going on with Reservoir?" Well, it's looking much closer to completion...we'll let you know if we get any more updates.
And the L.A. Times does an interesting story on Vegan Spot in Silver Lake...did this ever appear in print? Who can tell anymore. Some people are scared of fake meat, but not the Vegan Spot, which offers fake Reubens and Philly cheese steaks, as well as vegan Twinkies. Has anyone tried them yet?


*daisy said...

Afghani!? sad!! That's fascinating- that's a bummer it still isn't there- Afghani cuisine is AMAZING... I was so happy when I found Azeen's over in Pasadena. I wish I had lived in Silverlake when the first Afghani place was at that mongolian BBQ's location!!

solson said...

I live around the corner and up the hill from LA Chinese and have never been brave enough to go in there. Scary! I think the lady at the pet store is involved with the restaurant which is why she snapped at you. I've always thought that row of businesses would be ripe for some kind of gentrification.

snoopy said...

Mongolian BBQ in Silverlake, can't wait soooo excited, now we never have to leave our little community we have vietnamese, thai, french, mexican, etc.

Anonymous said...

What's the story with the Gobi BBQ? spot? I drove by the other day and there wasn't anything stir-ing. Looks like there 99% done. Anybody have any idea why the hold up? Inquiring minds are hungry for some good grub!