Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In the Times: Thi and Animal

In the L.A. Times today, Chowhound editor Thi visits several places to get Vietnamese and Chinese breakfasts, including his current obsession Pho Minh in El Monte, which has apparently become the newly-appointed pho capital of L.A.

S. Irene and I are definitely on the same wavelength today...I was as disappointed by the eggs benedict at Anisette as she was (just have a croissant, was her recommendation.)

And although she was harsher on Animal than I was, I can see where she's coming from. Fortunately, we ordered most of the dishes she seemed to like, including the asparagus salad (pictured at left), the raw amberjack and the ribs. And although Animal seems to promise a sort of noise-to-tail eating, there's nothing resembling the grouse, ox tongue, chitterlings, tripe and snails found on the menu at St. John's in London.

Finally, Josh Lurie of New Angeles magazine has a nice story on high-end coffee tasters.

(Times links seem funky today, go buy a paper and support journalism in our city.)

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